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What To Look For In Your Next Electric Knife Sharpener


What exactly should you look for when buying your next knife sharpener? There are so many options and so many different machines. Some sharpen kitchen knives, some sharpen more! Which ones are worth buying and what is a MUST for us to make the purchase? We have went to the users to find out exactly what they want! Here are the top 3 must haves in the best electric knife sharpener!

The main questions asked when deciding on a knife sharpener are:

  • What kind of design?
  • Is it sturdy?
  • It is electric?
  • Is is easy to use?
  • How many stages does it offer?
  • Does it offer an on/off switch?
  • Does it have variable speeds and what type of motor?

These questions are why we voted Construction and Design our most important must have!

1 – Construction and Design. Sturdy construction with high-quality abrasives (preferably diamond) and two or more sharpening stages to include rough and honing stages.

Once they have the design in mind and are satisfied with construction they move on to Compatibility and Blades.

These questions include:

How many different styles can I use with this sharpener? Does this sharpener only sharpen single bladed? How about serrated blades? Does this sharpener sharpen double blades or will I have buy an attachment or a different machine? A lot of questions were mentioned regarding angles and guides for the knives. People wanted to ensure curved knives were able to be sharpened the same as straight knives. This brings us to the 2nd must have Compatibility and Blades.

2 – Compatibility with most knife types, including serrated ones with adjustable angle and edge guides and able to sharpen single-sided blades and double-sided blades.

Now that people have their mind pretty much made on the machine as far as design, style and function then comes the price and warranty.

While there are many questions in this category the main ones stay the same.

Is the machine worth the price? Does the warranty cover for a time period to ensure the investment? Is the warranty included? Are the additional perks worth the additional price? Will we use the additional perks enough to ensure the cost of the perks? These questions play a role in everything we buy which is why Price and Warranty come in 3rd.

3 – Price and Warranty

Now that we have the top 3 things to look for when buying your next knife sharpener there is no reason to wait! Grab your next knife sharpener today!